Junior Researcher Ville Laitinen: Additive Manufacturing from the Point of View of Materials Research

Professor Heidi Piili: Additive Manufacturing—Past, Present, and the Future

Professor Mikael Collan Introduction to the book

Avaimet 3D-tulostukseen—ovet auki opettajille LUT-yliopisto

Ladies of the MFG4O rings PART III: From the powder of MFG4O rings to the power for MFG40 learners.

Ladies of the MFG40 rings PART II: Avaimet 3D-tulostukseen -ovet auki opettajille

Ladies of the mfg4O rings PART I

Metallien 3D-tulostuksen ajankohtaisseminaari LUT-yliopisto 3.12.2019

Tervetuloa Metallien 3D-tulostuksen ajankohtaisseminaariin

Heidi Piili, Docent from LUT University, finding out the newest applications of 3D-printing

First test drive of L-PBF Device of EOS M290

Rustem Sadykov, LUT University Mechanical Engineering: Development of a Real-Time Platform for Mapping and Transfer of Video, Simulation and Movement Between a Humanized Robotic Head and Set of VR Glasses

NSAIS-ROW 2019 Workshop on Adaptive and Intelligent Systems and Real Options

Jani Kinnunen: Optimal Saving by Expected Utility Operators

Lyudmila Gadasina: Analysis of a Digital Transformation Factors’ Impact On Company Economic Performance

Mikael Collan: Using chine learning in optimizing pairs trading strategies in the Nordic context

Sheraz Ahmed: Adaptive market hypothesis: A comparative analysis of seven major digital currencies

Mahinda Mailagaha Kumbure :Examining Inter‐Causal Relationships in Shared Cognitive Maps

Lyudmila Vyunenko:Features of the Calibration Procedure for AK‐type Macroeconomic Models

Tatiana Khvatova: A stochastic dynamics model for shaping stock indexes considering self‐organization processes, memory and oscillations

Christoph Lohrmann: Missing value imputation of the cooling technology for the global thermal power plant fleet using a decision tree classifier

Mariia Kozlova: Developing a Decision Tree Block for the Exercise Boundary Fitting Method

Jan Stoklasa:On the use of pairwise comparisons for absolute type evaluation

Olga Bogdanova: First steps of Data Collection Planning for Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology for the European Crowdfunding Aggregator Platform

Christoph Lohrmann: Fuzzy similarity and entropy (FSAE) featureselection revisited by using intra‐class entropy and a normalized scaling factor

Anssi Tarkiainen: Managerial cognition and firm performance

Jan Stoklasa: Risk attitude in the context of preference extraction through questionnaires

Mariia Kozlova: Satisfaction and Extremity Effects under the Baseline Approach in Multiple‐Criteria Decision‐Making Problems

Yuri Lawryshyn: Using Boundary Fitting and Machine Learning to Value Multi‐StageReal Option Investments

Jyrki Savolainen: Optimizing maintenance scheduling of multimachine industrial systems with simulation –example from metals mining

Stein-Erik Fleten: Analyzing Peaking Generator Availability in PJM: The Effect of the Reliability Pricing Model