Notes from  Manufacturing Performance Days 2019
Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence
May 4-6th 2019 in Tampere
Jyrki Savolainen post-doc researcher at LUT University

The event is an “executive and visionary seminar for manufacturing industries, researchers and technology and service providers worldwide”
organized by Dimecc Ltd, which is a “co-creation ecosystem” for the Finnish technology companies.

According to presenters, Ilmari Veijola and Tuomas Humalajoki in the Siemens-organized session, simulation models are reaching an
unprecedented level of detail and realism, which has been dubbed as “digital twin”-technology and simply refers to the fact that the simulation models are digital images of the technical real-world reality that they depict.

Company Also Finland presented a demo application of artificial intelligence calculating the number of bananas and oranges in a basket.

Ville Hulkko talked about how “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) can be used in designing autonomous cars and other unmanned vehicles. He stressed out that current AI-applications controlling the unmanned vehicles are not yet autonomous, but require a regular human intervention.

These topics are addressed in the Strategic Research funded project “Manufacturing 4.0” .