MFG4.0 lecture on “Investment analysis and Decision-making” at Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU)

Mariia Kozlova

MFG4.0 has sponsored a trip to share analytical know hows with Russian students. A guest lecture “Investment analysis and Decision-making” was given to bachelor students in Business Informatics of Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbU) Economic Faculty by one of the MFG4.0 researchers D.Sc. Mariia Kozlova. From her own words: “We got acquainted with various techniques that assist complex decision-making in numerous industrial applications. For the practical part, I took a risk departing from a boring simplified case-study and asking students what kind of investment problem they would like to practice on? They suggested analyzing vital for them decision – forgoing two years of a job to take Master studies. And so, we did. The investment, that initially looked unappealing, started to prove itself profitable under some circumstances revealed by sensitivity, scenario analyses, and Monte Carlo simulation. Working with such an important to students example appeared to be an easy way of mastering hard methods. All of us, students, attending SPbU teachers and staff, and I was happy with such a successful improvisation”.